Green parsley root soup, served with parsley root CHF 9.50

Double beef consommé with herbed dumplings and vegetables

CHF 6.50

Beef-steak tartar served with rocket leaves in a honey and walnut dressing
As a starter 22.50 As a main course 29.50

22.50 or 29.50

Lambs lettuce salad with a potato vinaigrette dressing, garnished with speck, croutons and egg

CHF 14.50
Roasted porcini mushrooms with herbs, cream cheese,and quail’s egg, served with a salad CHF 16.50
Crispy, crunchy salad fresh from the market with our special basil and mustard dressing. CHF 13.50

Green salad

CHF 10.50  

Filet of pork in an apple and Calvados sauce, served with Serviettenknödel* and seasonal vegetables

CHF 36.50

Farmhouse Schüblig sausage* on a bed of leeks and potatoes

CHF 21.50

Veal steak in morel mushroom sauce, served with tagliatelle and seasonal vegetables

CHF 44.50

Diced veal in a creamy mushroom sauce, served with potato rösti (a typical Swiss speciality of grated potatoes fried in butter) (Please allow a 20min. waiting time for this dish)

CHF 36.50

Chicken breast with herb butter. Served with a selection of salads

CHF 26.50

Chicken cordon bleu with a Vacherin cheese, tomato and basil filling. Served with sautéed potatoes and vegetables

CHF 29.50

Slices of sirloin (rib-eye) steak - Café de Paris style, served with matchstick potatoes and seasonal vegetables

CHF 39.50

Beef Stroganoff served with tagliatelle

CHF 33.50
Hunter’s style Suure Mocke*, served with a potato and celery-root mash and seasonal vegetables CHF 33.50

Organic fricasseed lamb with curry and vegetables served with chili Basmati rice

CHF 35.50

Filet of Arctic char with herb butter, served with sautéed potatoes and seasonal vegetables

CHF 34.50

White truffle ravioli with diced pumpkin, grapes and toasted walnuts

CHF 27.50

Autumn’s Abundance – spätzli* with wild mushroom sauce, red cabbage, chestnuts, brussels sprouts, apples stuffed with cranberry jam and sweet pears in red wine

CHF 25.50

Warm goat’s cheese drizzled with a balsamic vinegar reduction, served on a bed of chicory and grape salad dressed with a lentil vinaigrette and a garnish of rocket (arugula) leaves

CHF 26.50

Large mixed salad with a seasonal garnish (please ask our staff for Details)

CHF 19.50

Sweet chestnut vermicelli served with vanilla ice-cream and cream

CHF 13.50

Poached grapes in red wine served with our special homemade sabayon

CHF   9.50

Apple-cake fritters sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, served with a light vanilla custard and cream

CHF 11.50

Our fresh fruit salad, made daily using a mixture of exotic and seasonal fruits
Whit added Kirsch cherry liqueur and cream

CHF   9.50
Seasonal selection of cheeses from Jumi, our specialist cheese supplier CHF 12.50

And for those who really can’t eat any more …
Small portion of our fresh fruit salad


Ice cream: Chocolate, coffee, bourbon vanilla, chocolate
Sorbets: Lemon, prune, quince, raspberry
per scoop
Serving of whipped cream
CHF 3.50

Viennese Schnitzel served with matchstick potatoes and seasonal vegetables (A schnitzel is a thin, boneless cut of meat which is then breaded and deep-fried)

CHF 34.50

Classic pork Schnitzel served with chips (French fries), seasonal vegetables and our special home-made ketchup

CHF 22.50

Swiss farmhouse sausage in an onion sauce served with Rösti (a typical Swiss speciality made with grated potatoes fried in butter).
(Please allow a 20 minute waiting time for this dish)

CHF 20.50

Cordon-Bleu of Pork filled with Vacherin cheese and cured ham, fried in our delicious crispy breadcrumb coating, served with sautéed potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

(Please allow a 20 minute waiting time for this dish)

CHF 27.00



CHATEAUBRIAND (Round top of beef tenderloin) Served at the table with a selection of vegetables and matchstick potatoes

 CHF     55.50

DOUBLE RIB STEAK  Served at the table with a selection of vegetables, matchstick potatoes, Béarnaise sauce, pepper sauce and herb butter

 CHF                    49.50